What's in your Wine Glass?

August 2016

What makes you choose one wine over another? 

The grape variety, the region, the type, familiarity and most likely the taste, right?! Do you ever choose a wine based on its background, of how it is made and what might be in it? 
Still considering the taste to be the priority. Here is a brief breakdown comparison of what you might find in conventionally made wines and wines made ecologically. 

High sulphite levels, Synthetic chemicals, Preservatives, Mass production, Good and BAD grapes used, Automation of industry, Commercial yeast used, Non-environmentally friendly,
Non organic produce, Continuous intervention.

Low sulphite levels, Natural pest control, Natural preservation, Small production, Selective harvest/pruning, Local employment, Non-commercial/Indigenous yeast used, Environmentally friendly, Organic produce, Minimal intervention.

Ecological wine making produces wine as true to the grape, the people and the place as possible, with delicious vibrant flavours.

#trust your taste #ecological #organic

Jan LindfeldtComment