“What do you mean by ‘Ecological’?!”

October 2016

We are often asked this question. For Meadowdale Wines the word ‘Ecological’ encompasses all of our values. Good wine is not only about taste; it is a lifestyle choice reflecting these principles.

We only import wines which are grown and made using organic principles. This means using zero synthetic pesticides or herbicides during any part of the grape growing and winemaking processes. 
We do not believe a vineyard must be certified to be classed as organic in our eyes. Actions speak louder than a small piece of paper.

Some sulphites naturally occur, especially in foods such as raw grapes. Sulphites in conventional wines are added in vast quantities as a preservative. 
In some people this can cause migraines, sneezing, rashes, asthma, swelling of the throat and other severe allergic reactions. 

We value great wines which don’t need to be pumped full with preservatives and other additives. With minimal use of sulphites, the true taste of the grape and the place it comes from can shine through.

To produce great wine is not an easy task, to make large volumes of cheap wine you must use chemicals, large machinery, masses of water and undesirable grapes. To make a fine wine takes time and care to let nature take its course. Most of our wines are still hand harvested which means no damage is done to the vines by mechanical harvesters thus building the plants strength year on year.


Finally, we come to the more eccentric side of ‘Ecological’ where by two of our wine producers practice bio-dynamic agriculture. Bio-dynamic farmers strive to create a diversified and balanced farm ecosystem that generates health and fertility as much as possible from within the farm itself. Minerals and herbs are used to help restore and harmonise the life forces of the farm, farmers work in cooperation with the subtle influences of the cosmos on the soil and plants such as the phases of the moon and positioning of the planets. 

Organic, low sulphite, minimal intervention, bio-dynamic; this is what Meadowdale Wines believes in and what guides us.

Jan LindfeldtComment