Thymiopoulos Vineyards, Trilofos, Imathia, Greece

Apostolos took over his fathers vineyard after finishing his wine making studies at Athens University. 2003 was the first vintage made, the only label being Earth and Sky. 95% of this first vintage was exported abroad. 

Thymiopoulos Earth and Sky 2016
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The estate  is situated in Trilofos at the southern tip of Naoussa region. They practise biodynamic viticulture on a variety of soils ranging from schist to red marble and granite. 

The temperature is not excessively hot in the summer and winters are quite cold, Naoussa actually shares the same mean annual temperature as Bordeaux.

They do not use irrigation and are completely organic, they use guinea fowl and turkeys to keep locusts and other unwelcome insects at bay.

The wines are hand-bottled and unfiltered. Their method is careful and unhurried; an artisan approach.