Silvano Follador, Valdobbiadene, Veneto, Italy

Silvano Follador's philosophy:

"To speak of natural wine is perhaps too presumptuous.
I would really like to make it though.

And to do that I would have to leave everything to the whims of nature both in the vineyards and in the winery, with no intervention on my part.
However, I am becoming ever more convinced that wine, as I think of it, goes beyond the concept of "naturalness".
Nature must be guided by the common sense and the knowledge of the vine grower if it is to give of its best in the wine.
In other words the vine grower's sensitivity is crucial if the wine is to embody the land.
It's the terroir wine that I am seeking.
Because it's the only one to have an effect and leave its mark on me."

The Follador siblings, Silvano and Alberta, took on the vineyards in 1999. They acquired 4 parcels of altogether 3.5 ha in the heart of the Prosecco producing region, 1.3 ha of which is in Santo Stefano (Cartizze). With great attention and respect for nature and a philosophy of listening to the vines (“ascolto della vigna”) and without using artificial preservatives, pesticides and fertilisers they have created a daring and unique Prosecco with zero dosage.

This wine “has a kind of alchemy: the texture is rich and creamy, yet the fruit and finish are pure refinemet and elegance. Perfect ripeness makes the zero dosage seem positively hedonistic.” Decanter 2017.

Vineyards: 3.5 ha (Saccol, Santo Stefano, San Giovanni, Soprapiana). Production 27,500 bottles. Soil: Marly and clay. Vineyard treatment: sulphur, copper, algae extracts, zeolites, manure-horn, silica-horn. Selected yeasts. 100% own grapes. Organic and biodynamic farming methods, but no formal certification.