Puro 2003

Puro 2003


A spectacular, un-disgorged sparkling white wine.
Grape: Chardonnay 60%, Rebula (aka Ribolla Gialla) 40%. Alc: 12.5% 
Sulphite: <9 mg/L.

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Late harvest, hand picked, short vine-to-fermentation times (max. 2h). Primary fermentation in large tanks on natural yeasts obtained from the same pre-harvested grapes (5%). Macerated for 1 day followed by gentle pressing. Secondary fermentation completed in oak barrels for four years on the lees, no racking. The 2003 vintage base wine was matured until the 2007 harvest when the wine from all barrels was assembled in a large tank. Contrary to the classical method, no sugar was used, nor were any yeasts added for fermentation in the bottle. Only must with all its substances and its world of micro organisms was added. The matured wine then ferments in the bottle creating the PURO. No sulphur or any other preservatives used before bottling. Unfiltered. Stored upside down with the sediment resting on the cork.

Tasting and pairing

Before opening, ice the bottle, still upside down and open underwater to push the yeast plug out (but keep the wine in!). When you finally get it in your glass it is a pale golden colour, with a nose of toasted brioche and brewer’s yeast. In the mouth it is beautifully crisp and very mineral with a honeyed quality that plays counterpoint to the calcium quality of the wine. Drink on its own or with seafood, sushi, white meat. Best served 9 -10° C.

Now, here is the trick how to disgorge it (below):