Jakeli - Khashmi Saperavi 2011.

Jakeli - Khashmi Saperavi 2011.


Racy and nervy. There is nothing like a great Saperavi!

Grape: Saperavi 100% Alc: 14.5% Sulphite:  34 mg/L


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Vinification: Harvest usually mid October. Grapes are hand-picked, sorted and processed immediately. First phase and Malo-Lactic fermentation are conducted without nutrients. Cold stabilization is carried out in natural way. Sulphites are added only in the small amount after the Malo-Lactic fermentation. Wine is aged for at least 30 months and bottled. No filtration.


Tasting and pairing: Intense initial aromas combining notes of vegetation and red fruit. Hints of rosemary, green spices and juniper. Strong tannins, but pleasant acidity makes the finish long. A wine to drink with food. Pairs well with savoury dishes, paté, roasted potato with ham, savoury salads.