Hatzidakis, Pyrgos Kallistis, Santorini, Greece

Hatzidakis Winery was founded in 1997 by Haridimos and Konstantina Hatzidakis.

The land had not been cultivated since 1956, when the earthquake hit Santorini. After extensive re-planting and nurturing of older vines, they found a cave, which was transformed into a winery and they released their first wines in 1999.

The peculiarity of the vineyards of Santorini is mainly associated with the indigenous varieties, the island's unique ecosystem, which is characterised by volcanic soil, strong winds, rare rainfalls, hot and dry summers but also with the very important fact that the vineyards of Santorini have never been infected by Phylloxera. The old ungrafted, non-irrigated vines of Santorini are trained by the growers into basket-like shapes on the soil surface or like short Cups, in order to protect them from strong winds. They are watered by the summer night humidity that remains on the volcanic soil.

The low yields, ranging between 3 and 3.5 tons of grapes per hectare (or 20 hl/ha) gives to the wines aromatic finesse, mineral palate, lavish volume and a high capacity of ageing and resulting in wines of an intense and complex character. As such, the wines of Santorini are offered as wines of high gastronomic value.

Sadly the owner and wine maker Haridimos Hatzidakis passed away last year. There are now plans for the next generation to take over the winery.