We learnt about ecological wines after first having come across a Swedish television documentary about poisons in some conventional wines. Horrible stuff that was!  Timely, we then went to Copenhagen to meet a natural wine guru. After a session with him we were hooked. No time to loose. We had to find out what this is about so we went to Italy, Slovenia and London to wine fairs to taste wines, meet and discuss with wine growers. A new world opened up, treacherous sometimes maybe, but so many wines with vibrant flavours and tastes that we never experienced before. We asked a Japanese importer - why do you buy these kind of wines? He said: Listen to them, and they will reveal their secret. We haven't got that far yet, but we can say one thing: Trust your taste buds! That is what we do. The wines our taste buds are happy with, we bring to the Island where we live and have tastings with local people, friends, neighbours; people from all walks of life. Only when we all agree that we have a good wine in front of us, do we consider buying. This is what makes our wine collection unique.